This page is currently being updated to include a list of resources and bibliographies on ancient Greek music. The aim is that these will help anyone wanting to delve further into the world of ancient Greco-Roman music to do so.



Dr. Tim Moore’s ‘Selected Bibliography’

This is a selected bibliography prepared by Dr. Timothy Moore when he was at the University of Texas at Austin (he is now the John and Penelope Biggs Distinguished Professor of Classics at Washington University in St.Louis). It is pretty darn great, has loads of great stuff that in easily accessible English. However, to make the most of it you will have to delve into some Italian, German, and French works.


De musicis

De musicis is MOISA’s online annotated bibliographical tool on works concerning ancient Greek and Roman music.




Ancient Greek musical notation Unicode Input

For anyone who wants to use ancient Greek musical notation on a computer, you will want to input it using Unicode. This website lists all of inputs needed for the desired ‘note’.